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restless creative, explorer of the unknown, always learning and looking for the overlooked things, surfer with a huge wanderlust, mermaid at heart, shark lover, cat-whisperer, skater girl in training, Marvel CU geek, data tracking nerd, master of diligence, older than you think, and vegan.

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Save The Ocean Muesli


  Apr 2019 - May 2019

Organic cereal company "mymuesli" teamed up with the environmental organisation Ozeankind e.V. to work on the "green'ness" of their products and production methods. Part of the collaboration was the release of a special edition muesli packaging dedicated to the work of Ozeankind e.V. . This organisation is one of my frequent clients, with whom I have (amongst other projects) worked on a book about plastic and pollution. Since mymuesli was aware of that book and fond of my illustrations, I was lucky enough to be asked to illustrate the spirit of Ozeankind for this package design. I was given a lot of artistic freedom. Originally I was briefed to show what Ozeankind want to make the world aware of: how the beautiful ocean world is in danger of being completely polluted by humans' waste. So in the initial design there were quite a lot of waste items floating among the fishes. To create a better compromise for the aesthetic and commercial interest of the client we ended up with this "cleaner" version of the artwork. There are still some trash items to find in the illustration. Can YOU spot them? ;)

36 Days Of Type 2020

  Mar 2020 - Apr 2020

This is the 7th edition of a daily drawing/design challenge based around typography. It is usually scheduled around March, initiated by a really cool creative group of people in Barcelona. In partnership with Adobe and Fontself they set the stage for all artists and designers who want to participate in the challenge of creating one letter everyday. They provide a calendar with the letter prompts and give designers a chance to be featured on their Instagram page.

Plastikrebell® - kids book about plastic pollution


  Nov 2018 - Feb 2019

Shortly after creating some illustrations for their media-kit, Ozeankind e.V. approached me with a new idea for a collaboration. It turned out to be my biggest commission so far. Ozeankind e.V. wanted to self-publish a book for kids, that would explain the plastic problem our world is facing. Educating the younger generation about environmental issues is one of the most important steps towards a healthier planet. So in this fun book they explain in easy, entertaining language: What is plastic? Where does it come from? What types of plastics are there? What is it good (or bad) for? Why is there so much of it, and why is that bad news for the ocean? Most importantly though: What can we do about it?! The first script I got of this awesome book - or: workbook - was already full of information and interactive games and quizzes, which are not only educational for the younger generation. It was my job to create a few illustrations and a nice cover image. But I was so excited about the project, that I offered to take over the whole graphic design process, from layout to print, and ended up drawing illustrations for almost every page... I guess when you're passionate about your work and the topic at hand is something you totally stand behind, giving a few hundred extra-percent is inevitable. ;)

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