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About Mariateresa


  • Name: Mariateresa Ingegnatti
  • Age: 39 Years
  • Location: Firenze, Italy
  • Skills: Illustration // Children's Illustrator // Commercial Artist // Portrait Artist // Black & White // Colored Pencil // Digital // Pencil // Realism // Watercolor
  • Gender: Female


I'm MariaTeresa Ingegnatti, from Florence, Italy.
I'm an illustrator since about 2010 and during the last years I've worked on many kinds of projects, from flowers for a perfume packaging to ballerinas illustrations for a tutu seller. I usually draw about still life, nature, animals and human figures in realistic style and using traditional techniques (like graphite, colored pencils, acrylics, watercolors), or digital painting.
I love my work very much and I'd really like to challenge myself with new styles and different subjects, to grow up more and more as an artist.
I also work on a personal project in cooperation with an Italian writer, drawing about vampires for a series of illustrated novels.



  Jan 2017 - Dec 2017

Illustrations for a decoupage napkin producer, themed "Colored Little Birds". The goal was to find a kind of illustration that would satisfy the need of realism, considering the limitations imposed by the media on which would have been carried.

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