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Gene Decicco
Alabama, United States

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Children's Illustrator

About Gene


I've worked in the field of illustration and design for over 25 years. My works been published, broadcasted,
and used in pre and post production for companies like Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Motown Records, Simon & Schuster, and
Archaia Publishing.
In animation I was fortunate enough to work on projects such as The Big Adventures of Lil’ Shawn & Gus for the USA Network, Stephen Colbert’s
Tek Jansen Adventure on The Colbert Report, and shorts for Saturday Night Live.
Also, Tums antacid and Reach toothbrush.

Currently I'm looking for representation to diversify my client base. I'm proficient in conceptual illustration for Pharma advertising, Children's Book illustration, story boards, comic books, spot illustrations. click on Gallery to see my work.



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